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The Sounds of Silence

In a recent article entitled “Hemingway, Thoreau, Jefferson and the Virtues of a Good Long Walk“, Ariana Huffington explored what some of our great thinkers had to say about the advantages of a good walk.  She also provided the following observations by painters, sculptors, poets, actors and musicians. “Space is substance. Cézanne painted and modeled […]

All art is either plagiarism or revolution

 If you’re not an artist, this is merely an interesting quote.  If you are an artist, it can be the difference between prosperity and poverty.  I spoke to “The Artist’s Loop” in Providence, RI recently, and I started with this quotation by Paul Gauguin.  We agreed that plagiarism sells, revolution, not so much.  Maybe after […]

Make people want to buy from you!

MAKE PEOPLE WANT TO BUY FROM YOU!            People buy from people.  More specifically, people buy from people they remember.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling financial services, insurance, or camel muzzles.  Everyone will say the same thing.  “I give my clients special care.”  “I’m honest and fair.”  “Our camel muzzles are the best.”  No one […]

To Really Get Them To Listen – Don’t Talk

I find it interesting that one of the most effective and powerful speaking tools is…. not speaking.”  What you talking about Willis?  I’ll tell you want I’m talking about.  When you have an important point to make, stop, pause, then deliver it.  Nothing grabs someone’s attention like hesitating, making them wait.  It’s almost like you […]

Kill the “ums”! Those pesty “verbal fillers”

KILL THE UMS – TOP 10 STRATEGIES Have you ever heard someone say something like this?  “So, um, well, I guess you know that, um, we should, like, you know, be doing something about that, um, you know, problem that you, um, have?”  Just typing that was painful.  Listening to it is maddening.   Yet, […]

THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX (but don’t forget the value of the box!)

“Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again.”  Under any definition, we would call this “out of the box” thinking.  “People can have the model T in any color they want, as long as it’s black.”  That doesn’t sound very much like “out of the box” thinking, does it? So how is it that both […]

Abe knew a thing or two about axes.

Abe said “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I’ll spend the first four sharpening the ax.”  Abe knew that if you were  going to do any job right, your most important tool was preparation.  I teach effective speaking, communication skills, and vocal skills.  The most important thing I tell my students […]